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:iconshadowlover126:shadowlover126 posted a status
Nsfw poses, bases and moar

So I just opened NSFW patreon account:

.:Bullet:. Patreon…;.:Bullet:. Patreon 

Those who sign in, will not be charged till june. I will start uploading a content in JUNE. I opened the account a bit earlier to check if it will work, and if people will sign in.

Anyway.. What you can get:

5$ reward (pack) - 15 poses (fully naked), 7 bases (fully naked)

10$ - tutorial (regular drawing tutorial not nsfw), 15 poses (fully naked), 7 bases (fully naked), illustration (pin-up naked or crossovers naked) + steps. I try to draw the characters in their original style not my own. 

Poses, bases and tutorial is going to be the same as from my regular patreon page however I will add nesesarry details to the bodies. So it is not worth to support me on my regular patreon page and NSFW, it is better to choose one. 

How does Patreon work? 

You pledge always for the next month. Patreon charges once a month although I set campaign to twice a week. It means it will charge you double in the end of the month and I will send you two packs monthly. You can change the payment limit in the settings. 

Once you pledged and were charged, patreon will proceed the payment and I get the information in the list of patrons whose payment was proceeded. I simply select them and send pack through message where I put a link to the zip file.

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